Why Join a Canadian Sex Dating Website?

There is no shortage of regular dating websites and apps available but not everyone is looking for a serious relationship. Some are just looking for casual fun and just want a hookup for the night or a 'friends-with-benefits' type of arrangement.

Our service is aimed exclusively at the Canadian market. This means we ensure every Canadian province is covered and you're able to find someone close to where you live or where you're going to be.

What is Sex Dating?

Sex dating is simply dating where the desired outcome is to have sex and not necessarily have a serious or ongoing relationship. Some of our members of course do go on to have relationships but the majority prefer to simply have a casual hook up with no strings. Mature Fun makes it easy to do this. Simply search for someone in the desired area/location, send a message or flirt and if both parties agree, set a time and place to meet.

How does casual dating work? Sex dating or casual dating (hookups) is often, but not always, non-exclusive. You can assume it's fine to see other people but it's wise to have a conersation about exclusivity to make sure you both understand the situation

Genreally speaking, casual sex dating can be described as:

  • Friends-with-benefits or hookups
  • Less emotional attachment
  • Simply looking for fun, not commitment

Is it safe?

Our members safety is our main priority. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for members to find and meet each other. Using and accessing the website is anonymous and every effort is made to ensure your data and information is safe.

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